Our Assistants

                  Lisa                                                                  Melissa     

 Lisa started working with us in 1997 as one of Dr. Wheeler’s assistants. Lisa and her husband, Scott, have two children ages 12 and 6. They all enjoy water sports and spending time together.

Melissa started working with us in March of 2008. She began as our patient coordinator and was  promoted to Dr. Hehir's assistant. She is fluent in Spanish, and translates for us in the office. Melissa has been happily married to Elier since November of 2007 and lives in Cumming. She has a large family who are from the Dominican Republic. Her husband, Elier, and his family are from Cuba. They both love spending quality time with their families and close friends on the weekends.



Dee has been with us since 1998 working as the back office manager/dental assistant and sharing the responsibilities of patient management. She also is in charge of ordering products for the practice. In her free time Dee enjoys entertaining and boating with her husband Kevin, their 3 children and 3 grandchildren at their lake home in Gainesville